About Our Association

VAFA Mission Statement

The mission of Villisca Alumni and Friends Association is to support the educational opportunities in the Villisca school system.

VAFA Vision Statement

The Association will, through the efforts of its volunteers:

  • Supplement the resources of the Villisca school system by providing structure for the donation of funds as well as volunteer time and talent;
  • Fund academic and extra-curricular activities to enhance students’ levels of achievement;
  • Promote and preserve the sense of identity, history, and spirit of the Villisca school system and community;
  • Organize all-school reunions to facilitate renewal of relationships among our constituents, including current and former students, faculty, administrators and staff of the Villisca school system;
  • Communicate regularly with our constituents and the community to keep them informed of the Association’s work; and
  • Collaborate with school officials to coordinate the efficient use of resources to achieve our mission.